The following items are available for sale and can be acquired by contacting me via email! I also am always happy to discuss a custom piece or purchasing an existing original artwork.


$4 Single Cards // $25 Set of 8 Mixed Cards

  • Greeting Cards by Gigi Douglas
  • Greeting Card set by Gigi Douglas


$45 11×17 Standard Prints // $40 8×10 or 8×8 Small Metallic Prints // $55 8×16 Large Metallic Prints

  • Dhyana print by Gigi Douglas
  • Reflections print by Gigi Douglas
  • Eyes Closed, Soul Open print by Gigi Douglas
  • Pour it on print by Gigi Douglas
  • Train of Birds Print by Gigi Douglas
  • Spanda by Gigi Douglas
  • Small Print by Gigi Douglas


$5 Small “Dhyana” Patch // $15 Large “Bloom” Patch // $15 Large “Canyon Connections” Patch

  • Patches by Gigi Douglas
  • Dhyana Patches by Gigi Douglas
  • Bloom Patches by Gigi Douglas
  • Canyon Connections Patches by Gigi Douglas


There are several paintings on the site that are still available and I always welcome a conversation around a custom piece!

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